Mezcal In Situ
Mezcal In Situ
Mezcal In Situ
Mezcal In Situ
Mezcal In Situ

Mezcal In Situ

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In Situ is the brand of the master Ulises Torrentera; created with the intent of facing the big brands that are overexploiting the agave and preserving the correct methods of making mezcal as they were practiced before the boom.

They are 100% agave mezcals, more intense than the commercial ones permitting you to enjoy the true flavors of each variety.

In this collection you can enjoy:👇

Espadin from San Luis:

  • A young cultivated agave
  • 3-5 years in agave maturation
  • Distilled in a copper
  • 48° alcohol content
  • Ideal for cocktails
  • $750.00 plus shipping


  • An unclassified wild agave
  • 46° alcohol content
  • Distillation process is Refrescadera (alembic dishes)
  • A soft and easy to drink taste
  • If you haven't had mezcal and want to start, this is the one.
  • $1,000.00 plus shipping costs


  • Wild agave of the Karwinskii family, commonly distinguished as the vertical agaves
  • It is an agave with green and herbal nuances.
  • Part of a large family with many fans around the world.
  • Usually when entering the world of mezcal, one falls madly in love with these flavors
  • 48° alcohol content
  • $1,100.00 plus shipping

Penca Verde:

  • A true mezcal marvel, it's a favorite of most
  • A wild agave
  • Fermented and distilled in clay pots, which gives it a very distinctive flavor.
  • If you have experienced several varieties of mezcal, this one will surely remain in your memory forever.
  • 48° you'll never forget
  • $1,200 plus shipping

Papalometl de Ixcatlán:

  • From the Cupreata family
  • Its name comes from Nahuatl and means "butterfly agave" due to its extraordinary shape.
  • This mezcal is a rarity, as it is one of the few that ferments in cowhide and then distills it in clay pots.
  • Yes, you read that right, cowhide.
  • The boom will attempt to imitate this fermentation method, but trust that In Situ maintains the original method.
  • $1,500 plus shipping


  • The oldest agave you can find
  • It takes more than 25 years for the agave to mature and become delicious and unique mezcal.
  • Many connoisseurs become fixated on these flavors for complex and unique flavor.
  • Comparable to the aging of liquor in barrels; with the difference being this is the aging raw material or plant in nature, a lush and gigantic agave that produces the flavors that will make you fall in love.
  • $1,500 plus shipping

Among the best, if not the best brand of Mezcal in the world!

The In Situ collection consists of around 180 different mezcals, so if you are looking for something in particular, contact us and we can surely offer you something extraordinary.

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