Mezcal Tobalá In Situ
Mezcal Tobalá In Situ
Mezcal Tobalá In Situ

Mezcal Tobalá In Situ

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In Situ is the brand of the master Ulises Torrentera; created with the intent of facing the big brands that are overexploiting the agave and preserving the correct methods of making mezcal as they were practiced before the boom.

They are 100% agave mezcals, more intense than the commercial ones permitting you to enjoy the true flavors of each variety.

Tobalá from Amatengo:

  • Comes form the beutiful potatorum agave family
  • 10-12 years for agave to reach maturity
  • Distilled in a refrescadera
  • 48° alcohol content
  • It's suggested as a dessert Mezcal
  • Diverse hints of flavors ranging from citrus to floral
  • $1,500.00 plus shipping

Among the best, if not the best brand of Mezcal in the world!

The In Situ collection consists of around 180 different mezcals, so if you are looking for something in particular, contact us and we can surely offer you something extraordinary.

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